Successful companies move fast.

Moving fast means getting things out the door. Getting things out the door means getting things in the hands of customers. Getting things in the hands of customers means getting real feedback on what's working.

Many companies, many organizations, get stuck just moving. It's absolutely demoralizing, like running through water.

When you can make ten times as many features as a competitor, your organization can glide. Engineers come to work happy because they can see the progress being made. Sales comes to work happy because they can quickly respond to customer's needs. Product is happy because decisions are lightweight and can be changed or retried quickly.

Some push back. They say "no, we can't because that powerful computer for building and compiling costs $X." They say "no, that language is too slow and we should use assembly instead." They say "no, we might make the wrong thing and should form a committee instead."

Being able to move quickly is essential and worth a big price. Is that extra server worth the dollars? Is that slower language worth the cycles? Is that embarassment of building something a little wonky worth it?

The answer is almost always yes.